Bter (Bit Child) token deposit


  1. Click Deposit/Withdraw underneath account option on the main menu as shown in image below:

  2. Scroll down till you find TheDAO as shown below and click Deposit to the right.

  3. Send TheDAO tokens to the address that is displayed on the next page as shown below after clicking deposit above:

  4. Sending Options:
    1. MyEtherWallet.

      1. Follow the instructions in Kraken token deposit (5 a) and in step 5 (a) iii, enter the address in you were given in step 3 above as your 'To Address' 
    2. Mist/Official Ethereum wallet.
    3. Jaxx

  5. After two to three(2-3) minutes refresh the page, the status of your transaction under recent transactions should be: DONE(b in image below). Also you can further verify via the TxID(a in the image below), copy and paste that into the search box on to verify the transaction e.g

  6. Lastly, you would also notice the change in your account(my funds) as shown below, by clicking balances (sub-menu) which can be accessed by clicking the accounts tab as you did in step 1 above:


  1. Human: incorrect address entered during step 4.
  2. Out of gas error during step 4. 
    1. solution: add some ETH to your account, and try transaction again.
  3. Data cant be executed so it would use all of your provided gas. Noticed during contract function(TRANSFER of tokens) execution noticed in Mist.

    Or [323] invalid jump destination (PUSH1)2 as seen in the image below notice via VM trace on

    1. Solution: wait for the voting period to end, then try transaction again.