DAO community






The DAOhub members ( a.k.a. DAOhubbers) are part of the DAO community. They agree to have a special role: they are here to serve the DAO community, especially in its communication mechanisms. Their main tasks are:

  • Keep the numerous websites working. This imply to fix bugs, improve functionalities and maintain the servers.

  • Help the community with any legitimate inquiries.

  • Moderate the conversations and act if necessary (delete post, warn user about abuse, ban if needed).

  • Patrol the numerous websites in a permanent manner to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • Report to the relevant authority any kind of dysfunctional.

DAOhub internet galaxy

Below is a list of current communicative tolls managed by the DAOhub team:

  • DAOhub main site: the first place to start with. This meta website links most of active and reliable sources of available information to the community. It explains the very basic mechanisms of the DAO.
  • DAOhub forum: this place is THE historical one of the daohub galaxy. The forum is based on discourse framework. It differs from other forums as it offers a very interactive and dynamic way to join conversations.
  • Polling platform: this newcomer is an interactive tool to allow DAO community members to see proposals and express opinion about it. Based on consider it framework, navigation is easy and very intuitive.