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Bitboat - UK

Bitboat offer payment via Paysafe and Neosafe in Europe. So you are able to buy a voucher in cash and then trade it for Ether. Paysafe is in 0000's of shops, fuel stations, search for a location here. Neosurf is in Europe, some middle East and some Africa, search for a location here.

Coinimal - Austria

Coinimal offer more resistance but once authenticated it is painless, fees are lower when using bank transfer and Buy Sell prices are valid for a limited time. They could be classified as a broker not an exchange.
- Buying: Online Bank Transfer is available for Customers From: Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland. Processing Time: 10 Seconds.
- Selling:Bank Transfer in the EU is available for all Customers in Single Euro Payments Area. Processing Time: Same Day Payout.

A full list of the Coinimal Supported payment methods & Supported payout providers is available here.

Bity - Switzerland

Bity is operated by Bity SA, a fully-licensed company based in Neuchatel, Switzerland, member of ARIF and audited by KPMG.
- at the moment they process Euro, USD and CHF orders
- the minimum amount for an order is EUR 10 or USD/CHF 10.

Over The Counter (OTC)

OTC is essentially brokers matching buyers and sellers and taking a cut of the deal, fees are negotiable (to an extent) since most OTC companies deal in larger transactions. One such OTC is Coinfloor in the UK, their fees page is here.

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