How to use Mist to vote on a proposal


1. Select Properties

Right click on your Ethereum Wallet icon and select properties 

2. Change Mode

In target box add --mode mist to the end of the 'target' 

3. Start Mist

Start Mist and wait until it is in sync. Then select 'browse' button

4. Change Address

Select the address bar and enter in

Note: You go to a test version by using instead

5. Add DAPP

Click the plus symbol to add this page as a 'DAPP'

6. Select account

Select the account you want to use for voting

7. Vote

Click on "Yes" or "No", to indicate your vote

8. Enter password

Enter the wallet password. You would have created this when you created the wallet 

9. All Done

Congratulations, you voted. Now click "Got It" and continue to select other proposals to vote on, or close your mist browser.


Step by step, coming soon, but in short you need to open mist with the Ethereum Wallet 0.7.4 from the command line with --mode mist