How to vote and execute a proposal via MyEtherWallet


Be very careful before voting on a proposal. Make sure to double check the proposal's voting deadline because once you vote, your tokens will be blocked from splitting or transferring to another account for the duration of the vote's debating period.

As of 2016-06-12, MyEtherWallet currently only supports voting and sending DAO tokens. You cannot execute at this time.


  1. Navigate to the DAO Proposals Tab

  2. Find the proposal you want to vote on.

  3. Click on it to see the details.
  4. Click the "Vote on a Proposal" button if you wish to vote on this proposal.

  5. A pop up will appear. 

  6. Unlock your wallet using your private key or keystore/JSON file.

  7. Select VOTE NO or VOTE YES. As soon as you hit this button, your vote will be submitted, so click carefully.
  8. Alternatively, you can use The DAO tab by entering a specific Proposal ID.

The DAO Proposal Tab

The DAO Tab: