Yunbi token deposit


  1. After successfully going through all the required Know your client (KYC) steps which includes real name verification, etc.  
    Click Accounts at the top of the page.

  2. Click DAO Deposit(a) as shown in the image below:

  3. Your page would go dark like in the image below and click 'Generate your The DAO Deposit Address'(a).

  4. You would be redirected back to the main accounts section and you would notice the following message above the main content of your page 'Your address has been generated successfully' as shown in image below:

  5. Then you repeat 3. above and instead of 'Generate your The DAO deposit Address' sentence in 4. above, you would notice an account address that you can TRANSFER your DAO tokens to that would  credit your Yunbi account. As shown image below:

  6. Sending Options:

    1. MyEtherWallet(

          i.  Visit (a), upload your json or keystore file(b)                                                                                                                                                                     File looks something like this;UTC--2016-05-30T18-53-03.152633786Z-- 98b91efe7350c2d57e7e406bab18f3617bcde56a.                                                                                                       It can be found in the following directories, if you are using Mist Wallet, 

              Mac: ~/Library/Ethereum/keystore.
              Linux: ~/.ethereum/keystore.
              Windows: %APPDATA%/Ethereum/keystore.

        ii. Select wallet file (c) in the image above which would after you have successfully uploaded the right file, you would be directed to the page below, enter your password into (a) in image           below:

       iii. After which you would be directed to the page below that with following information:
           (a): A picture which matches the picture in Mist for the same wallet address.
           (b): Option to choose either to send DAO Tokens or Vote on a Proposal.
           (c): Account details; Token Balance, Ether Balance, and corresponding EUR/USD/BTC equivalent.
           (d): Section to enter the address created in Step 3-4 above. 
           (e): Enter in the amount you want to send.
           (f): Click Generate transaction.

      iv. Click send transaction. Once successful, you would see the following below the Send Transaction bar in green text: 

         TX ID: 0x16ae550b8e3424f48a8140381e8b1e1f3f92d69c(example). ~ 42characters long.   Which you can enter into search box at the top right hand corner of the website which would reveal the recent transaction you just made. After 30 confirmations,  you          would see the DAO tokens you just sent  credited to your account in Yunbi in the recent deposit section under deposit.

    2. Mist Official Ethereum Wallet.
    3. Jaxx Wallet. 
      1. Visit, download the appropriate option based on your preference. Available options are: 
        • Chrome extension.
        • Mozilla extension.
        • Mobile: IOS & Android.
        • Tablet: IOS & Android.
        • Desktop/Laptop: Windows, Linux & Mac.
          Windows OS(32bit & 64bit):
          • Choose either x64(64bit) or x86(32 bit) based on your system type after clicking Windows sign to download.
          • Verify the SHA-1 sum by downloading bitser;  or any other checksum validator. 
          • After installing bitser, Right click on ( file, hover over Bitser, then checksums and click calculate SHA-1 sum. 
          • Ensure the SHA-1 sum for = 6f67ca4d7079e22ff0f4b61e53639ae28b931bec  as shown in image below:

            and SHA-1 sum for Jaxx-v1.0.1-win-ia32 = 6f67ca4d7079e22ff0f4b61e53639ae28b931bec as shown in image below:

          • Run Jaxx by first extracting the contents of the zip folder(Jaxx-v1.0.1_win32-x64) to any location on your OS that you prefer e.g desktop, documents, etc. and cliick Jaxx.exe.
          • Click DAO(a), enter in the address generated in 5. above plus the amount and click send.

    4. Via another exchange e.g Kraken; follow all the steps in Kraken token withdrawal and in step 3,  enter the address generated in 5. above and add a name(Yunbi) and continue the process as described.

  7. Confirmation of deposit.
    If you enabled 2-factor authentication, you would receive a text notifying you that your account has been credited by the amount of TheDAO tokens sent  via any of the options in 6. above.
    You would notice your new balance by refreshing your accounts page.


  1. Human error; due to incorrect address entered during 6. above.