Kraken token deposit

1. Click Funding, Click Deposit (a), then scroll down till you get to: DAO(DAO) which is present on the lower left hand side of the page

2. Click DAO(DAO) (a):

3. Click Generate New Address(a):

4. You would see a new address (a) created after. Copy this via CTRL + C or Right Click with your mouse and click copy

5. Sending Options:

           (a): Via based wallet);   

                         (i).   Visit (a), upload your json or keystore file(b) (file looks something like this;

                               UTC--2016-05-30T18-53-03.152633786Z-- 98b91efe7350c2d57e7e406bab18f3617bcde56a), depending on which OS you are using, it can be found here: 

 Mac: ~/Library/Ethereum/keystore
 Linux: ~/.ethereum/keystore
 Windows: %APPDATA%/Ethereum/keystore

(ii).     Select wallet file (c) in the picture above which would after you have successfully uploaded the right file, you would be directed to the page below, enter your password into (a)



           (iii). After which you would be directed to the page below that with following information:

(a): A picture which matches the picture in Mist for the same wallet address.
(b): Option to choose either to send DAO Tokens or Vote on a Proposal.
(c): Account details; Token Balance, Ether Balance, and corresponding EUR/USD/BTC equivalent.
(d): Section to enter the address created in Step 3-4 above.
(e): Enter in the amount you want to send.
(f): Click Generate transaction.


           (iv).  After you should see the screen below:


           (v).   Click send transaction (c) in the picture above. Once successful, you would see the following below the Send Transaction bar in green text:

                                   TX ID: 0x16ae550b8e3424f48a8140381e8b1e1f3f92d69c. ~ 42characters long

                                   Which you can enter into search box at the top right hand corner of the website which would reveal the recent transaction you just made.

                                   After 30 confirmations,  you would see the DAO tokens you just sent  credited to your account in Kraken in the recent deposit section under deposit.


             (b): Via Mist



    1. Out of gas error: when you enter your TX ID into, you would see the following next to your transaction:  a red encircled exclamation (a) mark(picture below), next to your TxHash          for your transaction.


When you click  (a) above, it would lead you to the page below where by (a) would explain the reason why the transaction did not complete successfully, in this instance its an out of gas error due to prior usage of this account to vote on proposals. 

Solution: is try the transaction after the voting period is over.

Another reason for an out of gas error could be due to insufficient ether in your account, in this case.

The solution would be to add more ETH to your account and try the transaction again.