Poloniex token withdrawal

  1. Click Deposits & Withdrawals which can be selected as one of three options of the drop-down menu of Balances, which is at the top right hand corner of Poloniex exchange after a successful login.


  2. Scroll down till you get to DAO (a) as show in pciture below and click Withdraw (b) to the far right.
  3. Next you would see the screen below;

    Enter your withdrawal address (a) and  Amount (b) in the respective input boxes as shown in picture above and click Withdraw at the lower right. The cost for each transaction is -0.01.000 DAO
    if done correctly, you would see the prompt below; click ok (a)

    and you would be redirected to Deposits & Withdrawals page as in 1. above, and you would notice a change to your balance as seen in the picture below:
  4. Check your email inbox that you used to register for a Poloniex account and you would see an email like the one below from <do-not-reply@poloniex.com>:

    with the details below when the email is opened. 

    Click the link in your email to confirm the withdrawal request and a new webpage would open confirming your withdrawal request as shown below:

  5.  You can further confirm by navigating to Deposit and Withdrawal history section, by clicking History under the Balances tab.

      If your withdrawal request is successful, you would see the following as in the picture above:
      Block of data that has a complete in green text above with the following details below; Timestamp, Address, Txid and Amount to the far right.

  6. Further verification can be done by manually copying the Txid and paste that string of alpha numerals into the search box on www.etherscan.io as shown in the picture below and click Enter:

    You would be redirected to a page like the one below:

    If there are no errors you would notice following:
     (a).  No error detected during contract execution in green text below the  0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413 (TheDao), if there is an error instead of the green text,  you would             notice a red text and an error message (Warning! An error occurred during contract execution), discussed in the Errors section below. 
     (b).  Amount sent in this case: 1.09 TheDAO(Name of DAO Token), function(Action that took place); TRANSFER.
     (c).  Addresses: Sender: 0xdf21fa922215b1a56f5a6d6294e6e36c85a0acfb,  
                               Receiver: 0x06482078c00aca0585cd738f568e4001b9b7d33d
     (d). when you click each of the addresses in (c) above, you would be redirected to pages that give you more detail about the transactions that have occurred at each address.
    For the purpose of this how-to, we are only concerned with whether we have received the DAO Tokens from Poloneix or not, so click the Receiver address which would be your address when you execute a similar transaction like this. Upon which, you would be redirected to the following page below:

    To view your new token balance, click  View Token Balances (b) in the picture above  and you would be redirected to a page which shows you all the recent token transactions relating to the Receiver Address. 

    if successful, on this page, you would see your recent transfer at the top of the list latest 4 transaction(a in picture above).

  7. Viewing new balance in wallet and mist.
    1. Mist: After a successful sync, you would notice a new token balance in your Mist Official Ethereum wallet, by clicking on the specific address to which the tokens were sent.
    2. Myetherwallet: Using www.myetherwallet.com(Browser based wallet, does NOT store/keep your keystore files), you can view the new Token Balance, by visiting https://www.myetherwallet.com/#the-dao and following all the steps to unlock/access your wallet. You would notice the new balance reflected in your address.


if you notice this message in 6 (a) above: Warning! An error occurred during contract execution:


Click VMTrace at the right hand corner to understand what the specific error is.

Currently, there have been no reported errors encountered during this transaction, except for human errors due to incorrect withdrawal addresses being entered. So ensure that during 3. above you cross check/verify that the address you have entered matches the address to which you want the DAO tokens to be sent.

Also DO NOT enter in The DAO contract address (0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413) as the withdrawal address as the The DAO is not the recipient of your DAO Tokens.