Bittrex token deposit


  1. Click wallets at the top right hand corner of the page after a successful login to (
  2. Type DAO into the search box(a) at the upper right of your page below the Menu bar as shown in the image below
  3. Click the blue box with plus sign inside(b) as shown in the image above to deposit your tokens.

  4. Generate a new address by clicking the New Address(a) button.


  5. Sending Options: 
    1. MyEtherWallet (


      1.  After you have successfully unlocked your wallet. Copy the address created in 4. above into the 'To Address' input box(a) and enter in the Amount to Send(b) as shown in the image below and click generate transaction (c).
      2. You would see the following below after clicking generate transaction. 
      3. Click Send Transaction, upon which a pop up would ask you to confirm as shown below:

      4.  A TX ID would be generated and displayed in green text below the Send Transaction tab as shown below:

      5. You can copy and paste the TX ID, in this instance : 0xdeca5684a02a935ce177d3fc0baae7ee7654ee61e2ad16c75d3ae2848fafdd96, into the search box on to track your transaction and further confirm that your tokens were sent without a hitch.
        If the transaction is successful it would display as shown below.

        1. Green text: No errors detected during contract execution(a in image above), 
        2. Amount sent(b): 0.66 in this instance.
        3. Function; TRANSFER signifying that a transfer of The DAO tokens has occurred from Address(c) to Address (d) which is your Bittrex deposit address. 

  6. When you check your pending deposit section of Bittrex, you would notice that your account has been credited the amount of The DAO Tokens you sent as seen below which would only become available for your use after 36 confirmations(a) as shown below. 


After 36 confirmations, you would see it reflected in your account as shown below(a & b):



  1. Out of Gas error which would occur during 5 which you would notice during 5 (v).
    Instead of the normal green text: 'No error during contract execution', you would see a red text "Error occurred during contract execution'
    Possible causes:
    1. Account lock due to having used that particular account to vote.
    2. Insufficient ETH in account to cover the gas fee for  the transaction.