Kraken token withdrawal

1. Click funding(a), then click withdraw (b)

2. Click DAO(DAO)[a], then click + Add address (b)

3. Enter a description(a) e.g Mist Withdrawal, then also enter your Ethereum  address(42 character address

       e.g like 0x101518c6d96cf75893efa0edbc048f2f3cec0028 ) into the DAO address(b).

4.  If you did it correctly it should look like the picture below, then click save address

5.  Click select Address(a); drop down menu, and scroll to the address you just saved.

6. You should see your address in the list of saved addresses after you select it, it should show up in (a) below 

and then you enter the Amount (b) you want to withdraw and click Review withdrawal.

7.  You should see this screen below, click confirm withdrawal (a)

8. Under withdrawals, you would see your request at the top of the list with initiated blue box(a) on the right as seen below.

9. Then that initiated would turn to sending, 


point at which you can track it on the blockchain via and you can see it at the top of the list of your recent transactions 

 as seen in the picture below.


you would see it reflect in your balance (a) above.  This should also reflect in your mist wallet address.